The Story of Hope Church


Hope Church has been serving the Vista community since 1954. We are a growing, multi-generational, family-oriented church committed to sharing the love of Christ in the North San Diego County area. The site that the charter members chose to build on was right next to what would be known, in the future, as Highway 78. The men and women who built this church had the vision...and that vision has turned into a beacon of hope and light for thousands of people every day.

Over the years many things have happened in the life of Hope Church, but the most wonderful thing is the faithfulness of the men and women who established the church. 

Faith and family are the foundation for our lives, and as we move forward into the future we are building relationships with our families as well as our church friends.

We live in a world that is increasingly complex, and families in the 21st century have new stresses to deal with. Hope Church wants to help build strong families, encourage singles, be the center of community life, and provide a place of hope and healing for all ages.