What We Believe

Hope Church Faith Statement


We believe that Jesus Christ was God incarnate, conceived in the Virgin birth by the Holy Spirit, and that He reconciled humanity to God through His sacrifice on the cross, rose again from the dead after three days in resurrection power, and will return one day for the final blessing and judgement.

We believe that the 66 books of Scripture are inspired by the Holy Spirit and canonized by the church and are inerrant in all things necessary to salvation. 

We believe the Church of Jesus Christ exists to influence, win, and train as many people as possible for His redemptive purposes.

We are committed to the New Testament model of the church, that it is passionate about being a God-force for good in the world.

 We celebrate the diversity of Christian thought and practice, while encouraging love as the highest virtue of our faith and beliefs.

We believe the optimism of God’s divine grace reaches to all men, and that the free gift of salvation is offered to anyone who will believe. 

We believe the Holy Spirit enables us by His infilling, to live as Christians, or Christ-like, disciples.

We believe the church has the answer for those who are searching for truth and meaning, and we want to be a part of bringing hope and blessing to everyone.